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Dance, Movement & Music in Contemporary Secular Spirituality

Multimodal PhD Project / audiovisual experience

Dancing the spiritual self in conscious dances

Contemporary secular spiritual practices of conscious dance integrate music in the pursuit of connection. How does dancing in improvised ways help to bring forth different articulations of selfhood?

I explored one possible answer in a dance called Ecstatic Dance. I made an audiovisual experience that will be next adapted as an immersive experience, that can be found here


Dance & movement intensive

Arrábida Dance Labs 24th Edition, "As Above So Below."

I danced in an 8-day intensive exploration of movement, dance, and performance.

Photo by Inês Marques, Arrábida Dance Labs | 24th Edition, Summer 2023. + infos:


Illustrated manual & Curatorial Project

Cultivating a Multispecies Sensibility

Co-curated along Christian Alonso an anthropological exhibit called Multispecies Imaginaries, as part of my participation in the ON MEDIATION course 2020-2021.Co-authored with Adrianna Szojda and Francisco Rocha an illustrated manual for entangled and concerned living with human and non-human others.


Dance and self-development intensives

long-term dance residencies

Ser Vivo is a commune in portugal where dance and somatics are conceptualized as tools for well-being and personal development. I spend long-term residencies there, where I take classes in Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, African Dance, and other dances.

Dancing intensive

"Rivers and shores"

Contact Improvisation 

Intensive with 

Anjelica Doniy

I danced together with an international community of Contact Improvisation dancers in a 10-day intensive directed by Anjelica Doniy, organized by Towards Contact in the island of Phangab, Thailand. 


Ecosomatics Art Residency

Human-Nature Connect Art Residency 2023

Subtitled "'myths, firesouls and song" this was an art residency where I explored with others somatic and kinesthetic approaches t connecting with other non-human neighbors.  You can see me featured on the video for the art residency here


Video & Dance Performance

Spiritual Sensorial


A collaboration with dancer Eva Trapeznicova. An exploration in the anthropology of the body and corporal mediation in spirituality. 


Dance, Music & Spirituality in Sufism

Photo Essay

Doing Salat / Sacrilizating Space

Members of the Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi order often "stamp the earth with the name of God" (Werbner, 1996), meaning they sacralize, through the performance of salat (prayer), otherwise secular spaces. Exhibited at the Shared Sacred Project at the University of Cambridge. 

Sufisacredspace-ST (1)_edited.jpg

Ethnographic Documentary

Zikr: 99 Remembrances

A 14-min  ethnographic documentary about the zikr, the continuous chanting of the 99 names of God in Sufism. 


Photo Essay


Master-disciple relationship, a link in a chain that connects contemporary Sufis to the Prophet. 


Speculative sound ethnography

Curatorial Project

Co-curated along Yuka Takahashi an online exhibit on speculative methods for anthropological thinking, imagining an alternative reality to Euro-American colonization, hosted at Osaka University, Japan. Co-authored with Anthropologist of Technology Chakad Ojani an experimental multimodal ethnographic recording.


Ethnographic GIF Art

Dhamaal sonic ecstacy

Rhythms of sounds and bodily movement align in ecstatic moments of Faan'a, the Sufi concept of the elimination of ego in the love of god. 

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