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Perennial Mediations

Multispecies Imaginaries: The Art of Living in an Uncertain, Contingent World

Curatorial Project

As part of my involvement with the ON MEDIATION platform, I'm a junior curator under lead curator, Christian Alonso, for this multimedia exhibition at La Capella.I also co-authored a piece titled "cultivating a multispecies sensibility: a graphic guide." 

Photo essay

Members of the Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi order often "stamp the earth with the name of God" (Werbner, 1996), meaning they sacralize, through the performance of salat (prayer), otherwise secular spaces. In this case, the space is a half-empty parking lot on highway E-5 from Sevilla to Madrid.

Exhibited at the Shared Sacred Project at the University of Cambridge. 


(2018) A 14-min  ethnographic documentary about the zikr, the continuous chanting of the 99 names of God in Sufism. 


Rhythms of sounds and bodily movement align in ecstatic moments of Faan'a, the Sufi concept of the elimination of ego in the love of god. 

Photo essay

Master-disciple relationship, a link in a chain that connects contemporary Sufis to the Prophet. 

Speculations on Islamic Sonic-Aeolic Cosmotechnics

Ph.D. Project

Contemporary secular spiritual practices of conscious dance integrate music in the pursuit of connection. How do students of Ecstatic Dance conceive, operationalize and deal with this mediating relationship? 


Video (6 mins) 

A collaboration with dancer Eva Trapeznicova. An exploration in the anthropology of the body and media perspectives of religion. 


Arte Vital (en español)

Images and videos

Arte Vital  is an ongoing artistic collaboration with dancer and Gestalt therapist Faust Espejel. These are a series of videos and photos of various ceremonies and rituals involving life and death, taking place in Barcelona and in the surrounding territories. 

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Photo essay & short video

Exploration of the relationship between embodied practices like dancing, and spiritual pursuits in/out of western modernity in "spirituality" festivals in northern Spain. 

Punjab em Portugal

Photo essay & sound recordings

A portraiture series and sound recordings of interviews done with Punjabi farmers living in the small rural town of Odemira, in the south of Portugal, done in collaboration with photographer Kat Puchowska.


A selection of my travel photographs.

A collection of Live sets that I mix as a DJ-Facilitator for Ecstatic Dance.